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About Coil

Coil makes it easy for creators to monetize content on the web without using ads or collecting user data.

All a creator needs to do is embed a meta tag with their payment details into their website. When a Coil subscriber visits that site, our extension checks for the presence of the "monetization" meta tag and starts sending a continuous stream of micropayments to the creator.

This is based on an open standard called Web Monetization. At Coil, our goal is to bring users to the Web Monetization ecosystem so creators can make money off of their content. We want to give creators a chance to be fairly paid for their content directly by those who consume it, without having to resort to pushing ads or selling out to a large content aggregator.


  • Platinum health coverage with no premiums for employees
  • 75% of health premiums paid for dependents
  • Dental and Vision insurance with no premiums for employees
  • Competitive salary
  • 401(k) with matching
  • Stock option plan
  • Gym / Fitness Studio benefits
  • Flexible vacation
  • Beautiful office with lots of light in downtown SF
  • Office with close proximity to Muni and Bart