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  • We build quoting and routing algorithms to calculate prices for moving goods globally, e.g. what does it cost and how long does it take to move 150 bikes from Taiwan to Berlin via airplane?
  • We ingest live tracking data of ships, trucks and airplanes to infer meaningful actions on the supply chain, e.g. re-routing shipments when a ship a arrives late.
  • We build a platform that makes global logistics easy, enabling our customers to focus on their core business, e.g. by providing them with a visual dashboard and map of their supply chain for actionable insights at any time
  • We automate processes to lift the degree of automisation from 5% to 90% - killing faxes, emails, and phone calls from logistics once and for all
  • We build complex APIs to connect our partners and customers, e.g. for sending a truck through Europe, without ever talking to the driver


  • Fresh fruit, coffee, muesli and drinks
  • Weekly Monday breakfasts and Friday team events
  • Wonderful, green office space, with a terrace for barbecues
  • Subsidised sports activities