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We are fabric, a high-growth tech startup in the e-commerce space that has experienced success with content marketing. Blog posts drive our content marketing and we publish up to five per week. Within these blog posts are images that we need help designing.

We have an in-house designer but she is currently busy with other projects. She can provide more direction and assets as needed, but she is confident that everything you need is below.


As for the images we'd like for you to design, this blog post offers a good example of what you can expect to design: a header image like this and supporting images like this visual and this diagram.


We use Trello to manage our content marketing workflow. After an article is edited, we will assign you to a card for design. This card will contain design direction from our editors for the main image and supporting images. Within this card, you can request additional assets from our designer.

We don't use "deadlines" but expect you to complete designs for 2-3 cards each week.


Our designer has provided me with a robust figma file for previous blog images that you can use as a starting point.

She has also provided me with the following direction:

  • Blog posts have the gradient colors and glassmorphism style graphics: transparent UI and, occasionally, some photos over it. This image is a good example.
  • Technical blog posts have the black background (example).
  • Glossary covers have a light grey background (example).
  • All supportive images have a light grey background, too.
  • All the icons should be thin and elegant (outline stroke).

Getting Started

  1. Apply for this project by completing this Google form.
  2. We'll review your application and contact you about a paid test project.
  3. We'll invite you to our Trello board and assign you to a card / blog post to design images for.
  4. We'll work together through Trello commenting until final designs are made.
  5. We'll pay $50 for headers images and $25 for supporting images. You can send an invoice every two weeks.
  6. If you complete 5 cards successfully and want to continue working, we'll give you an additional $100 for the time you spent learning about our style and business.
  7. When we launch our new website in January/February, there's an ability to give you credit for your design work at the end of blog posts if you want it.

We're excited to work with you!

Please mention that you come from WorkForThem when applying for this job.

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