Full Site Redesign

We are looking for a team to help us with a complete redesign of the www.telzio.com website.

Initially, we would like 3 takes from 5 different teams, on how a new front page should look for Telzio. This initial assignment is a paid job.

Once we have found the design we like the most, we will engage a full contract for the entire website (this is a huge project with lots of custom pages, graphic elements, animations, icons, etc.), including design for support pages, blog, landing pages, etc.

We are looking for a long term relationship, as we know the page will never finish developing and there will be a steady flow of new material after launch.

Telzio is a business phone service provider, and our customer target and business model is very similar to companies like Stripe, where we package an enterprise-level suite of features in a way that makes it available for companies of any size.

The ideal team has resources available for...

  • Web design
  • Illustrations and icons
  • Lotti animations
  • General art direction

As for the initial project, we will provide general style guides, visions and content (layout, copy, logo, etc), so please submit your proposal (examples of prior work, price for these initial 3 designs, timefram, availability, etc.) for the design of just 3 different versions of the front page for telzio.com.

We are looking for a quick turnaround, and hope to have designs from at least 5 teams by November 1st.

Please mention that you come from WorkForThem when applying for this job.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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