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Motion Designer

What we’re looking for

We are looking for an experienced motion designer to join our design team. Someone with genuine passion for the craft, a knack for timing and ambition to keep developing as a designer. Every project in the studio is different, as is every client. One day you’ll be working on an advertising campaign, the next on motion graphics for an internal brand video.

While the output may vary, our process and motivation to produce great work, that works, needs to be a constant. Motion projects are part of a wider set of deliverables on each project, so we need you to believe in all facets of design and understand the fundamentals beyond your specialism.

Role Requirements

  • High level of capability in Adobe After Effects
  • Thorough understanding of the production process
  • Strong design background
  • Passion for typography
  • Good timing
  • Genuine passion for experimentation
  • Guts & determination

As a member of the team

We are looking for a motion designer with strong communication skills, someone able to voice challenges and discuss their approach to solving them. You’ll be working on projects independently, so you’ll need get stuck into each brief, understand it from both the client and the studios point of view and answer it creatively, on time. And you may work on multiple projects simultaneously. That means managing your time effectively, prioritising and thinking ahead.

Please mention that you come from WorkForThem when applying for this job.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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