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DevOps Back-end Engineer

We’re looking for our first (Lead) DevOps & Back-end engineer whose main mission will be to take the leadership of all DevOps topics.

As a (Lead) DevOps x Back-end @Shipup, you will

(40%) DevOps challenges

  • You’ll take the leadership of all DevOps topics : monitoring, deployment, environment and version management, database performance management and high availability

  • You’ll propose new processes, take the lead on tomorrow’s challenges and implement the best practices

  • You will anticipate potential problems that may occur and put in place solutions to avoid them

(60%) Development challenges

  • You’ll develop new products on our roadmap (delivery forecasting module, marketplaces management…)

  • You’ll integrate new e-commerce platforms and new carriers

  • You’ll optimize our current platform (scalability, unit and integration tests) and develop new internal tools (reporting, better CI / CD pipeline…)

Our team

You’ll join a team of fourteen (8 technical people, 1 product director, 2 product managers & 1 product designer) led by Quentin (our CTO & CPO) and Florian (VP Engineering).

This team is divided into two squads :

  • Online-shopper perceived value (where we are hiring) : this squad has the ownership of all features that are directly dedicated to end-customers. Squad members will focus on features for which the benefits are mainly perceived by / or directed towards the latter.
    Team members : Aliou (Lead Developer), Juliette, Jean and Arthur (Developers)

  • Merchant perceived value : this squad has the ownership of all features that benefit directly the Merchants. Squad members will focus on providing our merchant’s operations and CS teams with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Your manager : Aliou

‍ Our Technical Stack

  • Kubernetes + Docker for ops

  • Hosted on GCP

  • Datadog, LogDNA, Sentry for monitoring

  • Monolithic infrastructure + introduction of microservices (for about a year, 3 services today)

  • PostgreSQL + Elasticsearch + RabbitMQ for storage

  • Ruby on Rails and Go backend

  • React (ES6 + Webpack + Redux) frontend

Project management : Asana, Notion, Slack, GSuite

‍ Organization & How the team works

  • On-call process : some “oncall duty” with weekly rotation, the member of the team has to take care of the maintenance and customer requests

  • Division into squads

  • SCRUM sprints of 2 weeks : daily, planning, retro, grooming…

  • Review groups

  • Pair-programming groups

  • Multidisciplinary team : the idea is to get one Lead Developer, one Product Manager and one Product Designer in each team

You can have more information about our tech organization here.

Preferred experience

You could be a good fit if

  • You’ve worked on a product experiencing rapid-growth — your work is well-crafted and well-tested for scale

  • You can readily learn most technologies as you go. To you, technologies are about tools and tradeoffs, not an ideology

  • You care about the business implications of anything you build. You’re not just going after cool stuff — you understand the balance between craft, speed, and the bottom line

  • You have backend and infrastructure experience

Nice to have

  • You’re fluent with Ruby

  • You already faced an environment with similar technical constraints or > than Shipup : large volume of data, communication between services, highly distributed architecture…

  • You have already worked on projects with specific architecture problems where you found solutions: monitoring and implementation

Recruitment process

Our recruitment roadmap remains unchanged due to health conditions. On the opposite, we need more than ever resources to reach our ambitious objectives.
That’s why we guarantee a fully remote hiring process for all candidates.

Here are the 4 steps of our recruitment process :

(45min) Screening call with Quentin, our Tech Talent Acquisition Manager
To better understand your career plan and answer any of your questions

‍ (01:30) Technical test with Quentin, our CTO
To evaluate your DevOps hard skills

(01:00) Hiring manager interview with Aliou
To evaluate your development hard skills and soft skills

(01:30) Drinks or lunch with the team
To ensure that you will be in line with our values and culture

Why should you apply ?

Strong impact : you will be one of the main players in our hypergrowth

Attractive salary : salary, equity, multiple benefits (meal vouchers, coffees, transportation, health insurance…), sponsorship, relocation package, internal events and offsites

International : multicultural teams where everyone cares for one another (If you want to read what our employees are saying about us on Glassdoor ! )

New renovated office : stylish office located in the heart of Paris ( 75010)

Growth : our environment is rapidly growing in Europe and in the USA

High-quality equipment : latest Macbook Pro or equivalent

People-centric company : our people matter, work-life balance is important at Shipup

Please mention that you come from WorkForThem when applying for this job.

Posted 3 months ago

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