I hope you’re doing well.

My name is Théodore Schnyder and I am a Swiss entrepreneur and proud owner of multiple online brands.

I am currently building an A-team to create a new and revolutionary NFT collection and spent countless hours in the past few days trying to find the perfect match for the design side of this project. That is why you are reading this job post right now and this leads me to ask you the following questions:

1) Are you available to start working on a new project very soon?

2) Are you interested in joining a highly motivated and qualified team to create the next big NFT project?

3) Do you have past experience(s) with NFT Generative Art Collections?

In the meantime, let me introduce you to the team:

Strategy & Marketing + Promotion: Yomi Denzel 

Yomi is a very famous Swiss entrepreneur with over 731k followers on Instagram. He is very well known for his genius marketing skills and his audience is extremely engaged with him. He is Alex Becker’s friend (a very famous and influential man in the NFT / Crypto world) and has access to priceless advice from him. 

Development & Web3 + Smart Contract: Benjamin and his team

Benjamin is the leader of the developers' team that created the “Cool Cats NFT”, currently ranked 8th place of the biggest NFT projects on OpenSea. Highly efficient and motivated team!

Promotion: Tom Adrien

Tom has been doing ads basically all his life (Facebook, Google, TikTok) and is recognized as one of the best media buyers in France. His unique skills in marketing and promotion will assure our project’s great success.

Operations : Théodore Schnyder

I launched many successful online brands/projects and will invest all the necessary resources to drive and operate this project in the best way possible. I have a large network of famous influencers in the US that will help us drive as many eyes as possible to this amazing project.

Regarding the roadmap, we brainstormed for the past 20 days and found an incredible idea that has the potential of being one of the biggest NFT projects out there. Will give you more information about it later on!

Let me know if you’re available and interested in joining our amazing team and hope to hearing from you very soon.


Kindest regards

Théodore Schnyder

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Posted 2 weeks ago

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