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Sr Product Designer

Hey, I'm Alex! I'm the co-founder & ceo of Omni — we help people do 10x more in the same amount of time 🔥. Our technology lives in your web browser and can automate any repetitive task - think about what this means for people in sales, recruiting, finance, marketing, accounting, operations, hr, etc. We're on a mission to enable people to work as fast as they can think, and we're looking to bring on our first product designer!

The last few months have been really exciting. Leading up to this point was 2 years of hard work with a group of super talented engineers and a few key beta users. In the last couple of months, we’ve launched our first version 🚢, onboarded our first paid customers 💰, and seen some truly amazing results with the product so far📈 (like insane).

Quotes from Customers:

  • “What used to take me 4-6 hours a day now takes me about 30 minutes.”
  • “I’ve 10x my #1 weekly KPI because of Omni.”
  • “This is by far the coolest demo I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  • “It’s not just that Omni allows me to go about 5x faster through [a specific task], it’s that my brain doesn’t bleed anymore from all the copy and pasting and I actually enjoy doing it now.”
  • “Holy shit, this is so dope. It’s like magic.”

The Role

We're redesigning how humans interact with computers. Given how novel this is, we have a near endless list of super challenging and interesting design problems.

Ideally, we find someone who wants to come on via contract for 1-3 months and then transition to full-time. But we're open to anything for the right person!

This person will work primarily with me (alex) in designing a super user-friendly way to build these workflow automations. This immediate project will likely take 1-2 months to complete before handing off to eng. Right now, our workflow builder is a pretty clunky internal tool, but we want to completely reimagine this user experience now that have a lot of tactical examples for how users are leveraging the platform.

We can talk a lot more live about what we've built, what we're working on designing today, and the grand version of the future we see where no one has to do the same thing twice 🤩

About You

  • Comfortable across the design stack (UI, UX, talking to users, etc), but expert in UX
  • Optimistic problem solver
  • Loves distilling down very complex concepts into their simplest form (and knows that this process is never complete)
  • Excited to collaborate with everyone on the team and our users
  • Fired up about our mission

Ideal Experience

  • Having been design hire #1
  • 3-6 years of relevant design experience with a product/design lead company
  • Solid understanding of collaboration software mechanics
  • Passion for HCI
  • Strong conceptual grasp on common computing concepts (loops, conditions, arguments, call graphs, recursive functions, etc)

You can read more about what we're working on here!

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Posted 2 weeks ago

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